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Multi-Project Chip (MPC)

  Owing to the high cost of IC fabrication services, a technical committee comprising several experts and specialists is established to review each project. Through the “Multi-Project Chip” (MPC) service, CIC integrated designs from various design teams into a single chip block of 25mm2 to share resources and reduce IC fabrication costs. For the design teams is including researchers from university laboratories and non-profit research institute. As illustrated in Figure 40, a total of 1721 prototyped ICs were successfully fabricated, including 253 educational, and 1468 advanced designed by on-campus researchers in 2007. Up to now, CIC has provided MPC services to over 150 organizations in Taiwan.

  As illustrated in Figure 41, approximately 517 papers by the local education research community strongly benefited from the design environment provided by CIC in 2007. Meanwhile, in benchmark paper publishing, five papers were presented in ISSCC 2007.