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(3) SoC/IP Research

  There exist many problems and challenges in the current IC design, including low-complexity, high-performance, and how to reduce the design cycle. Therefore, the design methodology for the integration of the IP's and the SoC design is proposed. In CIC, we use the ARM-based design platform as one of the methodologies to make the re-use of IP and the development of the SoC. We adopted the ARM922T as the embedded processor in this platform since ARM CPU is the best known and widely used RISC-style CPU while their development tool is complete. By using the on-chip bus (AMBA) developed by ARM, the IP's can be easily integrated into this ARM-based design platform. The design and verification methodology can also be developed for different applications and integrated by the commercial tools in the development of this ARM-based design platform.

(4) IP Center

  For promotion of IP reuse, CIC built an IP sharing environment referred to as the IP Center (IPC) as shown in Fig.6. Applying IPC, the professional staff of universities can publish their IPs, search for appropriate IPs, or download IPs for reuse. Thus the sharing and exchanging mechanism of IPs is attained.

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